About Us

At Wood Development Group, we create space for life.

A building is just bricks until you add people.

A building is just a structure until you add people, then it becomes a family’s home, a small business, a medical centre, or a community gathering place.

Some developers are driven by the bottom line, but Wood Development Group is different. We do not start with a calculator but with a vision: to discover how our developments can benefit our community, now and in the future.

That means planning a space where real people can live, work and play; designing space to help them flourish, be productive, connect with others and with our beautiful natural environment.

We do this in a few ways. First, we own and manage a diverse portfolio of industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential properties designed to help our community thrive. As a property manager, we respect that we play an important role in peoples’ lives. We strive to live up to their expectations and help them be as proud that they’re a part of our neighbourhoods, as we are to welcome them.

We focus on small differences that can make a lasting impact: enhanced green space, advanced safety features, and large, accessible common spaces where people gather and connect.

Second, we’re a development company, building on our existing holdings and looking for new land and building opportunities. We build great neighbourhoods and believe in being accountable for our work. That means that for the countless small but vital decisions that must be made during the development process, we come down in favour of long-term community benefit every time. You can tell a Wood Development Group project by all of the little details that make a big difference: the walking trails, the aesthetics, the accessibility, the parks and more.

Investing in our community’s future gives us the freedom to be patient and strategic in our approach, to engage with and take inspiration from the people who will benefit from our work, and ensure we’re creating long-term value for our communities.

Why bother being different?

It’s because this is our community and has been for nearly a century. It’s where we raise our families, conduct business and connect with friends. We know we’re helping build the community our future generations will inherit, and it matters to us that it be special. It’s also because we’re a family business that has learned the value of doing the right thing. Since day one, we’ve cared about making a difference in people’s lives. Whether we were making farm machinery for the agricultural industry or appliances for the modern day consumer, it was our goal to ensure that at the end of the day our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders were all better off because we were in business.  Learn more about our history here.