About the Site

Reimagining Plant No. 2

A landmark site ideal for reimagining

The project area includes the majority of industrial lands on either side of the Guelph Junction Railway between Duke, Huron, Alice and Elizabeth Streets in the historic Ward neighbourhood. It’s a large area of over 9.5 acres.

Historically, this land was low and flat, and became naturally reserved for larger parcels and eventually the rail corridor. To this day, the City’s main stormwater drain for the area runs through the property because of its situation.

The site evolved to be home to companies like the Partridge Rubber Co., Guelph Paper Box Co., Beaver Lumber and the W.C. Wood Company. This created the classic Ward fabric of places of work, enterprise and railway mixed with housing and neighbourhood schools and churches.

By the early 1970s the individual sites of 69 Huron and 64 Duke Streets were acquired and assembled by the W.C. Wood Company and the current form of the site took shape.

At the heart of the existing plant is a three-storey concrete structure that was built off Huron Street between 1916 and 1929 by Partridge Rubber and that came to be incorporated in later factory additions and expansions. This robust concrete loft is identified to be retained through the transformation of the site.  

As a redevelopment opportunity, the property is well connected to local streets, and is just a short walk from Downtown Guelph, the Speed and Eramosa Rivers, parks and trails, and the City’s major transit hub, Guelph Central Station.

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Overhead drone image of plant with downtown Guelph background
Historical view Huron Street original factory core building
Plant 2 Present Day Huron Street Side
Subject property (Plant 2) boundaries.