Planning and Development Process

Reimagining Plant No. 2

We are at the beginning of a year-long process (mid-2024 to mid-2025) to reimagine and develop a plan for Plant No. 2 with input from the community.

The team will kick off the project with an in-person open house on June 13, 2024, where the community will learn about the project and be invited to share their ideas for reimagining the site.

Over the summer and early fall 2024, the team will prepare a development concept for public feedback at a second community event.

Once the concept has been refined, a draft Urban Design Master Plan (UDMP) will be shared with the community before planning applications are submitted to the City in the spring of 2025.

The statutory planning approvals process will provide additional opportunities for public feedback.

Following approvals, the project will enter a phase of detailed design, with initial site construction targeted to begin in 2027.