Project Team

Reimagining Plant No. 2

A comprehensive team has been assembled to shape this project:

Wood Development Group

Wood Development Group is a multi-sector real estate development and management company based in Guelph.  There is a family lineage between Wood Development and the former W.C. Wood Company, which designed and built home appliances and agricultural machinery in Guelph for more than 60 years. The Plant No. 2 site was part of the W.C. Wood operations since the late 1960s.

Wood Development Group (formerly Coldpoint Holdings Ltd.) has been an integral partner to several developments in Guelph and Wellington County that have enriched the community with signature neighbourhoods and essential public amenities like library branches and local medical services. Wood Development projects honour the family’s values to respect the environment and balance the bottom line with a commitment to creating community spaces and neighbourhoods where people come first.

Wood Development Group has assembled a multidisciplinary team of consultants with aligned values and the necessary experience and skills to reimagine the Plant No. 2 site. 

Urban Strategies Inc.

Urban Strategies is one of Canada’s foremost planning and urban design firms, with an international reputation for planning complex sites through highly consultative processes to create meaningful, successful places that enhance communities. USI has worked in Guelph for years, most notably as lead consultant for the Downtown Guelph Secondary Plan, now part of the City’s Official Plan.

Giannone Petricone Associates

Giannone Petricone Associates (GPA) Architects is an award-winning firm committed to design that fosters social relationships, inventively uses materials to enrich the senses, creating places of quality and improving everyday experiences. GPA has acted as the City’s Peer Reviewer for several redevelopment projects within the Downtown Secondary Plan.

Janet Rosenberg Studio

For over 40 years, Janet Rosenberg & Studio (JRS) has created stunning landscapes and intelligent urban spaces that combine impactful horticultural design, diverse materials and thoughtful composition, with a strong commitment to sustainability. JRS was lead designer for Guelph’s iconic Market Square outside of City Hall on Carden Street.

BA Group

BA Group are transportation planners and engineers whose work on multi-modal transportation infrastructure, impact studies and parking facilities focuses on supporting high-quality urban environments.


WalterFedy is a multi-disciplinary engineering and design firm that applies high standards of sustainability to all its work. They bring expertise in civil engineering and sustainability to the project.


HATCH is a global engineering firm working on the world’s toughest challenges in the metals, energy and infrastructure sectors. HATCH will help address and integrate rail safety into the project.

Trace Associates Inc.

Trace provides a full range of environmental services to clients across Canada. They will ensure redevelopment of the Plant No. 2 site, appropriately addresses existing environmental conditions.

Archaeological Research Associates Ltd.

Archaeological Research Associations (ARA) is Ontario’s oldest archaeological and heritage consulting firm, having been established in 1972. ARA will provide archaeological assessment services as well as assisting in First Nations and Indigenous community engagement for the site.