Legacy Projects

Elmira-Woodlawn Industrial Lands, Guelph

This industrial subdivision, built over the 2000s and forming part of the Northwest industrial lands in the City of Guelph includes frontages on Elmira Road as well as Imperial/Curtis Drive.

The 96 acres of this parcel includes over 20 acres of sensitive wetlands that have been preserved while creating new industrial lots and connections.

Heritage Lake Estates, Puslinch

Heritage Lake Estates on Wellington Road 34 the Hanlon is a rural estate subdivision started originally with Reid’s Heritage Homes and in later phases with Timberworx Custom Homes. Like Westminster Woods, Coldpoint Holdings Ltd. was a foundational partner.

Built over the last 10 years and continuing on to the present, the estate has become home to over 50 custom houses within what is a reclaimed quarry of over 200 acres including an extensively landscaped quarry lake.

Westminster Woods, Guelph

Wood Development Group’s parent company Coldpoint Holdings Ltd. was a founding partner with Reid’s Heritage Homes on the development of the Westminster Woods subdivision.

Built-out over the last 20 years, this 400 acre master-planned community created over 2,300 housing units in a variety of forms, as well as multiple school, workshop and commercial sites all connected with generous trails and open spaces throughout.

Developing this neighbourhood in Guelph is a touchstone for Wood Development Group and represents what we mean when we say we are “creating space for life”!